Fancy a reader? Try SCE Kit Beta & Reader Beta SDK!

27 02 2008

Microsoft has lounched a new SDK to support sindication of contents based on .net 3.0 and WPF. It is named Syndicated Client Experiences and if in Beta version with 3 implemented readers:

MSDN Reader
MSDN Reader

P-I Reader by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer
P-I Reader by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer

eReader by The New York Time
Times Reader by The New York Times

The SDK is freely available and there is documentation to support your own client development.

I have tried the MSDN reader and I’m preaty pleased with the fluent interface and usability of the reader.

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Deploying Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 geographically

26 02 2008

New post on the Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies Team Blog. From the post:

 guidance that our team recently published around deploying Office SharePoint Server globally.

The guidance is published as a series of articles on TechNet:

Deployment issue with cab file

25 02 2008

While deploying a feature with a lot of files (200+; actually they are all the image files used in the project), I’ve used regular expressions to build the feature.xml and the element descriptor files. This is quite cool and you can actually build the files in a couple of minutes. But, as you don’t look at all the file names there are some issues that you will probably miss. In my case, I have built the WSP file with no sign of trouble. But when I was trying to deploy (stsadm -o add solution) I got the message “Failed to extract the cab file in the solution.”.

It seams that although the OS and all the WSP processing mechanism (WSPBuilder) allow, the deployment mechanism complains about special characters in the file names! After a thorough look, I found a file with a “+” in the name. 

Renamed the file, corrected all the references (deployment and usage) and it everything went OK.

If you get this king of message, my suggestion is to check all the file names. Look for special characters, language dependencies (i.e. çãõáéíóú…) in the file names included in the WSP.

Hope this helps.

Office Sharepoint 2007 Deployment on Technet

22 02 2008

Yep, its that topic again. As I try to absorb as many information as I can on this topic, I came accross some technet information that I found useful. Here are the main links:

here is a snipet from that content:

In this section:

Downloadable books: Deployment and upgrade for Office SharePoint Server 2007 These downloadable books contain the full set of content for deploying and upgrading Office SharePoint Server 2007 in Word document format for easy printing.
Deployment worksheets for Office SharePoint Server 2007 These worksheets are companion pieces for several topics in this deployment section.
End-to-end deployment scenariosThese topics take you step by step through the process of installing Office SharePoint Server 2007 on a stand-alone server, deploying in a simple server farm, or deploying in an environment in which database administrators create and manage databases.
Deploy Office SharePoint Server 2007 in a server farm environmentThese topics help you deploy in more complex server farm environment and configure all of the Office SharePoint Server 2007 services and features you need to make available in that server farm.
Upgrading to Office SharePoint Server 2007These topics help you plan, prepare, and perform an upgrade from Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003 to Office SharePoint Server 2007, or to migrate from a Microsoft Content Management Server 2002 application to Office SharePoint Server 2007.

You can also install Office SharePoint Server 2007 from the command line instead of using the wizard interface. The following technical reference topics can help you understand the options available for using Setup.exe, Psconfig.exe and the Config.xml file from the command line.

Setup.exe command-line reference (Office SharePoint Server)
Command-line reference for the SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard (Office SharePoint Server)
Config.xml reference (Office SharePoint Server)

Advanced SharePoint Videos and Whitepapers

20 02 2008

New content on Technet about Sharepoint with videos and white papers.This is the current content available from Technet:

Title Description Streaming Video White Paper
Overview: Office SharePoint Server server farm architecture Describes how to plan server farms for reliability and scalability, and how to deploy Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 on a server farm. None Download
Overview: Configuring server farms Describes configuration steps needed for server farms after deployment. Watch Download
Securing server farms Describes how to help control access to information and how to help protect deployments from malicious users. Watch Download
Configuring performance options Describes how to set up caching, IIS compression, and other options to help maximize performance of an Office SharePoint Server server farm. Watch None
Backing up and restoring Office SharePoint Server server farms Describes how to back up and recover Office SharePoint Server server farms. Watch Download
Operations and management Provides information about common operations and management tasks. Watch Download
Capacity planning Describes how to determine requirements to support your capacity requirements. Watch Download
Search architecture and configuration Describes how to plan for and configure search for Office SharePoint Server. Watch Download

This is the original post from Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies Team Blog.

stsadm extensions (lots of useful new operations)

20 02 2008

In an impressive contribution, Gary Lapointe has created an extension with 90+ operations to the stsadm command. We’ll soon need a bible to use stsadm, but nevertheless, a lot of iteresting operations are available with this. Here is the list of the current commands.

  1. createquotatemplate
  2. editquotatemplate
  3. setmastersitedirectory
  4. setallowaccesstoonlinegallery
  5. disableuserpermissionforwebapp
  6. enableuserpermissionforwebapp
  7. setselfservicesitecreation
  8. connecttoportalsite
  9. setsitecollectiontitle setsitegeneralsettings
  10. setuserprofiledefaultaccessaccount
  11. setuserprofileimportschedule
  12. gen2003to2007profilepropertymap
  13. migrate2003profilesto2007
  14. setpictureurlnewpath
  15. setsitenamingformat (use mysitesettings instead)
  16. enuminstalledsitetemplates
  17. enumavailablesitetemplates
  18. addavailablesitetemplate
  19. removeavailablesitetemplate
  20. enumnavigation
  21. addnavigationnode
  22. setnavigationnodes
  23. copynavigation
  24. enumfeatures
  25. copycontenttypes
  26. enumavailablepagelayouts
  27. fixpublishingpagespagelayouturl
  28. repairsitecollectionimportedfromsubsite
  29. convertsubsitetositecollection
  30. setsitedirectoryscanviewurls
  31. enumtimerjobdefinitions
  32. exportlist
  33. importlist
  34. copylist
  35. getlistschemaxml
  36. enumunghostedfiles
  37. reghostfile
  38. deletelistfield
  39. moveweb
  40. managecontentdbsettings
  41. addsiteadmin
  42. deleteweb2
  43. mysitesettings
  44. upgrade2
  45. enumpagewebparts
  46. movewebpart
  47. setwebpartstate
  48. retargetcontentquerywebpart
  49. replacefieldvalues
  50. applyupgradeareaurlmappings
  51. publishitems
  52. setlocalsitedirectory
  53. import2
  54. setsearchcenter
  55. replacewebpartcontent
  56. enumeffectivebaseperms
  57. createwebapp
  58. deletewebapp
  59. exportlistitem
  60. importlistitem
  61. copylistitem
  62. deletelistitem
  63. setnavigationsettings
  64. enumprofileprivacypolicies
  65. setprofileprivacypolicy
  66. enumprofileproperties
  67. editprofileproperty
  68. exportlistfield
  69. importlistfield
  70. updatelistfield
  71. deletelist
  72. copylistsecurity
  73. updatelistview
  74. setsspacl
  75. createsearchscope
  76. updatesearchscope
  77. addsearchrule
  78. setauditsettings
  79. setusageanalysis
  80. adduser2
  81. adduserpolicyforwebapp
  82. addlistitem
  83. exportlistitem2
  84. movesite
  85. applytheme
  86. retargetgroupedlistingswebpart
  87. sitewelcomepage
  88. enumwelcomepages
  89. createcontentdb
  90. createsiteindb
  91. exportcontenttypes
  92. exportsitecolumns
  93. importsitecolumns

Please check the original post for updates.

Sharepoint resource usage and deployment

19 02 2008

This is my kind of post: one that explains a topic top to bottom: SharePoint Resources, Types, Use and Deployment. Here Mikhail explains how to deploy and access resuorce files.