MCMS2002 to Sharepoint 2007

11 08 2009

Recently I had several contacts enquiring how to perform upgrade from a Microsoft Content Management Server 2002 (MCMS2002) to a Sharepoint 2007 Publishing site. Although this is not a “click-click” process, there isn’t much to it. Or is there?

The basics:

  • for data upgrade (call it items, content or whatever you like), there is a feature out of the box to drive the process: Content Management Server Migration (available at Central administration > Operations)
  • for all the rest: get a comfortable chair, a good development machine and ride on the development process. This includes:
    • Page layouts
    • Master pages
    • Web User Controls
    • Webparts
    • Custom Navigation
    • Workflows
    • Events
    • and basically any CustomWhateverYouNeed that doesn’t come ou of the Sharepoint package.

“So, where do I start?” you may ask… I would say: “Plan it!“.

In the planning effort, you will realise:

  • the volume of information you are about to migrate
  • the artifacts you may require and those you need to develop/upgrade
  • define multi-language requirements and plan for variations
  • enumerate workflows, jobs and events
  • etc

With this in hand you can more accurately estimate and cast light into the dark zones of the process.

Use the CMS Assessment Tool to evaluate the effort involved.

Here are some  references to help you getting started:

Be safe.


Azure: Commercial availability and business model

10 08 2009

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Integrating SPDisposeCheck with your visual studio

10 08 2009

I don’t know about you, but I like to have my tools handy 🙂
With this in mind I suggest the approach described here:

Simple and neet.