New Blog on Security Vulnerability Research & Defense

3 01 2008

A new blog was created: its Microsoft Security Vulnerability Research and Defense blog!

If you are interested in this matters (and we all should be, even if just for awareness), take a look or subscribe the feed…

Forms Based Authentication in Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 – authoritative technical articles published

21 12 2007

Don’t miss this one from the Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies Team Blog.

A detailed How To written by Steve Peschka, on the hot topic that is Forms Authentication and WSS/MOSS.

You can fin it here.

Structure of the post:

For more info on authentication in SharePoint, take a look at the authentication oriented blog entries here and the relevant content recommendations on SharePointPedia.

AzMan (Authorization Manager): exporting and importing from/to XML/Active Directory

31 10 2007

During the course of a recent project, the AzMan was selected as the authorization mechanism. After a fue rock hammering, it was was up mand running with a XML authorization store. The development went just fine untill the day the decision came to move the store to the AD. PANIC! There is no automatic procedure to move all the configuration from one store to another and if you have 100 oferations, associated to 30 or 40 Tasks with 10 Groups of users, your about to spend some time in this procedure…

Fortunately there is a tool that does just this for you. I couldn’t find the author’s site, but you cand get it from here:

 Some extra links for information on AzMan:

David Crawford’s Weblog

AzMan Team Blog

 BTW, Azman is still alive. It is still present in Windows Server 2008 🙂