Once again @ Seattle

26 07 2008

Yep, its one of those times of the year, whena bunch of techies joint together to… talk about technology of cource. It’s a big trip, but a unique chance to meet known faces. This year my focus will remain on Sharepoint and some related subjects.


Embeded resources

17 07 2008

Sometimes, the simplest task makes you go around for some time. Today were accessing embeded resources. I was missing a configuration for the file to be embeded :(. This post showed  me where I was failing: Accessing Embedded Resources using GetManifestResourceStream. Thanks for the eye opener!

Code behind and WSS/MOSS

16 07 2008

For several ocasions, I came accross people with difficulties using codebehind and WSS/MOSS. Last web search I came accross a well structured post from Andrew Connell, describing the process from top to bottom, includind architecture considerations. Thus, there is no point in writing a post on this… Check it out: Using ASP.NET 2.0 Code Behind Files in SharePoint v3 Sites.

SharePoint 2007 Tools Collection v2

7 07 2008

Some time ago I came accross this great post: SharePoint 2007 Tools Collection v2. Frequently updated, it contains a set of serious tools for Sharepoint developers. Worth taking a look!