Internet Explorer 9 Beta is out

16 09 2010

Yesterday (Sept 15th), the latest version of IE was out on the street. First impressions: Fast and very clean. Your bars are all disabled onfirst load. You will have to enable them IF you really need them.
With a little smaller memory print and a rendering engine that really is faster than IE8.
This browser is HTML 5 enabled and there is where all the fun will be in the time to come 🙂
Very worthwile taking a peak:

Bing Maps steps up

5 03 2010

While watching a recent Steve Ballmer’s presentation regarding “the cloud”, the new version of bing maps was shown (+- min 30). Interesting? well, SHURE! At last you can experience a serious integration of a set of tools that are coming together (maps, search, flickr, world wide telescope, photosynth, etc.). Just take a look at it and judge for yourself. DO explore:

  • Map Apps ( will lead you on the available apps)
  • Zoom in and go from map, to aerial generated photo, to aerial photo/bird’s eye, to street watch
  • now map available photos to the street level with photosynth technology
  • look up and turn off the sun, allowing you to explore the night sky at any time/date you wish

I just took a peek and was really impressed. Still a lot to cover :).

Have fun!

Azure: Commercial availability and business model

10 08 2009

Almost 1 month ago, the business model for Azure was revealed.

Check it here:

Silverlight 2.0 is out

15 10 2008

Released early this week in RTW (Release To Web), the second version of

The press release can be found here (


Some related resources:

  • Scott Guthrie’s blog on SL2 RC – learn and share how to get ready for Silverlight 2 RTW
  • Silverlight community Internet site – community site for developers and designers where forums are available
  • Microsoft Resources:

    • Silverlight Virtual Pressroom
    • Silverlight Web site
    • Eclipse Tools for Silverlight Web site
    • Microsoft Silverlight 2 Fact Sheet (.doc file, 355 kb)
    • Silverlight 2 Customer Evidence and Quote Sheet (.doc file, 79 kb)

    Hakia: semantic search engine

    31 08 2008

    Recently came accros a “new” search engine on the web called HAKIA. Presently in Beta version (so has been Google since it came out…) it proposes search based on relevancy and not in popularity. Theoretically it will provide most accurate results. I tried a couple of searches and got interesting results for the string “geotag garmin eTrex” and a 0 resultset when searched for a more specific string “hp c01120002” (fyi is an error code for an HP laptop). Right now, I can’t tell you if it is good. I can tell you though, that usually competition pushes the market and the goodies output, so I’ll stay tunned and keep Hakiaing for a while… lets see how far it’ll go 😉

    WorldWide Telescope: Online

    16 05 2008

    As mentioned in a previous post, the WorldWide Telescope is a new initiative which uses sky mapping with the best images acquired from the best world telescopes. It is really worth taking a look and is finally available to everyone. Check it out at


    Moonlight: Silverlight for linux

    15 05 2008

    Silverlight is growing as Moonlight sees the day light. Check the post.


     Moonlight, an open source implementation of Microsoft Silverlight for Unix systems, is now available in both Silverlight v1.o and 2.0 builds.  Silverlight, while it still has a long way to go to become as widely adapted as Adobe’s Flash, is leading the charge for Microsoft to become a more open eco-system for development.  Moonlight is not a Microsoft project, but Microsoft has been working together with Mono, 


    The site of the project is: