All together now :) MSPress free ebooks

20 02 2015

Ok, this is certainly a better approach 🙂

You can find a list of ALL available ebooks from MSPress at

Have FUN!



Free ebook: Microsoft Azure Essentials Fundamentals of Azure (MSPress)

20 02 2015

Yet another ebook, this time for Azure and much more recent.

Get it from here.


Free ebook: Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2014 (MSPress)

20 02 2015

There is no such thing as enough information. 🙂

Just found this one out and looks very interesting:

Check it out!

Evolution of SharePoint

6 02 2015

Julia White from the Office 365 Team released a post on the Office Blogs regarding the futures of Sharepoint. An interesting insight to keep in mind now that a new version of Sharepoint is coming up.


MS User voice

5 02 2015

It is just what it sounds: a place where the end users can shout to the product group with feedback on products.
The product group teams DO READ and consider the expressed opinions. Trust me, I know!

You can search and read the already existing ideas, vote on them (up or down!) and add new ones if you feel nobody has already picked the topic.

Take a look and be a part of the product shaping process.

Don’t stand-by!


My favourite ones:

A bigger list has been shared in a great post by Darrell C Webster in his Curah! blog  here.

Bring the products closer to your needs!

DevOps Demos series: cFileShare module

2 02 2015

The cFileShare module is a part of the ALM Ranger DevOps solutions (, which consists of code as config guidance, quick reference posters and supporting resources.

cFileShare module contains the cCreateFileShare and cSetSharePermissions resources. These DSC Resources allow configuration of a node’s file share and share permission Rules.

Demo #1: cFileShare – get it, install it and run test cases

In this demo you will learn how to get, install and run the test cases for the cFileShare module. You can find the recording here:


Get it

As mentioned previously, cFileShare module is part of the DevOps initiative, which can be found in clodeplex ( For this demo, you will need to grab the full package named “”:

  • Click on Downloads


  • Click on the link “zip


  • Save the file in your system

Install it

After downloading the “” package execute the following steps:

  • Unzip it into a folder in order to access its content. The cFileShare resource is located in the <zip root>\Walkthrough – File Server and Share Custom\Walkthrough – File Server and Share Custom Resource\


  • Copying the cFileShare folder to $env:ProgramFiles\WindowsPowerShell\Modules
  • Check if module is being correctly recognized by running Get-Module –ListAvailable


  • Check if DSC resources have been correctly imported


Run test cases

After the installation procedure, unit tests will be located at $env:ProgramFiles\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\cFileShare\Unit Tests\. In order to execute them, execute the following steps:

Create File Share

  • Open a powershell console with elevated priveledges
  • Change to the Unit Tests folder

cd -d “$env:ProgramFiles\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\cFileShare\Unit Tests\”

  • Create the base test folder

md c:\test

  • Execute VSAR_cCreateFileShare_UnitTests.ps1 script

Assign permissions

  • Edit the file ps1
  • In the configuration area, adjust to your reality. In the demo user1 and user2 have been previously created as local accounts on the machine where the test is being executed:
    • #Variable Declarations
    • $ShareName = “TestShare”
    • $Users = @(“[domain]\[user1]”, “[domain]\[user2]”)
    • $Path = “C:\Test”
    • $User1 = “[domain]\[user1]”
    • $User2 = “[domain]\[user2]”
  • Open a powershell console with elevated priveledges
  • Change to the Unit Tests folder

cd -d “$env:ProgramFiles\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\cFileShare\Unit Tests\”

  • Create the base test folder (if not created previously)

md c:\test

  • Execute ps1 script