Search customization: the Path property

2 04 2009

Search is a powerfull component of the sharepoint architecture. During the customization process, it is frequent to use manage properties to fine tune your results, in my scenario, even to the list level.
Managed properties are like dynamic column names that you can map to internal columns (collection of). After configured, you can use a managed property to filter content by adding it to the where clauses of your SQL statement. I’ll try to post a detailled information on how to create and use managed properties.

For the scope (sorry, couldn’t resist…) of this post, I would like to share something that kept me going for a couple of hours:

  • there is a core managed property called “Path”
  • this managed property normally contains the URL to the item (page, listitem, document depending on the type of the element)

The tricky part was to find out that if for some reason the item (in this case a document of an unkown extension to the crawller) is not indexed, the Path property contains a link not to the item/element itself, but to the DispForm.aspx that contains the metadata of the document.

Hope this saves you the time I lost…