Profiles and Forms Based Authentication: Connecting the hard way

10 11 2008

Recently I had to store some user information that made sense to be present in the use profile. The plot got thicker as I added the FBA (Forms Based Authentication) variable to this formula. Why? Because out of the box the only way to create the profiles is to import them from the active directory. Although you can find connector for LDAP, and BDC they only work in append mode to add extended information to the already created profiles.

Don’t panic! there’s a solution for this. The trick is to create the profiles through object model. There is a project in codeplex called “MOSS 2007 Profile Import Tool“, that provides you with the source for a connector. The implementation is based on a command line tool that can be called on demand or included in some scheduler mechanism. It is up to you if you want this flavour or for example, want to have some fun with sharepoint timer jobs :).

No big news here, but can keep you from throwing some time out the window, trying to find out why the FBA profiles aren’t available.