Office Sharepoint 2007 Deployment on Technet

22 02 2008

Yep, its that topic again. As I try to absorb as many information as I can on this topic, I came accross some technet information that I found useful. Here are the main links:

here is a snipet from that content:

In this section:

Downloadable books: Deployment and upgrade for Office SharePoint Server 2007 These downloadable books contain the full set of content for deploying and upgrading Office SharePoint Server 2007 in Word document format for easy printing.
Deployment worksheets for Office SharePoint Server 2007 These worksheets are companion pieces for several topics in this deployment section.
End-to-end deployment scenariosThese topics take you step by step through the process of installing Office SharePoint Server 2007 on a stand-alone server, deploying in a simple server farm, or deploying in an environment in which database administrators create and manage databases.
Deploy Office SharePoint Server 2007 in a server farm environmentThese topics help you deploy in more complex server farm environment and configure all of the Office SharePoint Server 2007 services and features you need to make available in that server farm.
Upgrading to Office SharePoint Server 2007These topics help you plan, prepare, and perform an upgrade from Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003 to Office SharePoint Server 2007, or to migrate from a Microsoft Content Management Server 2002 application to Office SharePoint Server 2007.

You can also install Office SharePoint Server 2007 from the command line instead of using the wizard interface. The following technical reference topics can help you understand the options available for using Setup.exe, Psconfig.exe and the Config.xml file from the command line.

Setup.exe command-line reference (Office SharePoint Server)
Command-line reference for the SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard (Office SharePoint Server)
Config.xml reference (Office SharePoint Server)



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