Baddly behaved Publishing controls? Hmm…

9 10 2008

This is the second time this kind of errors happened in projects where I am. You add a couple of scripts (js) and suddenly your publishing controls start breaking, not rendering, etc. Well, start with the basics: think of accessibility and if you do, you can’t use scripts. Anyway, if this kind of behaviour happens to you, start by commenting not standard js and css files. If by any remote chance you used mootools… that’s probably the one !




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25 10 2008
Scott Shepard

I have been looking al over the web for Mootools bugs for Sharepoint and have found nothing. I am experiencing a problem when the RichText publishing control causes IE6 to lock up when Mootools is loaded. Mootools doesn’t even have to be used, just included.

I just thought it was a bad install by my IT folks. I’m in a highly controlled, paranoid environment. I am trying to find a workaround because we’ve spent a great deal of time building a Mootools-based library.

26 10 2008

Hi Scott,

in my scenarios, I’ve added a loading condition that only includes the mootools.js if the page is not being rendered in edit mode, as the script is used only to build some tab navigation, print mode, etc.

Will this be viable for your scenarios or do you use it also in edit mode?

23 10 2009

This blog is pretty much turning into a directional tool for other stuff I write. ,

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