Tips for WCM (Web Content Management)

29 09 2008

Some time ago I had the chance to attend a workshop with Andrew Connell, regarding WCM (Web Content Management). Although we use slightly different approaches for packaging the solutions (I’m currently using WSPBuilder available codeplex), the remaining of the development process are pretty similar. I will address the process I’m currently using soon.

I would like to share with you some tricks I learned from that session:

  • GUIDS & “{}”: thumb rule for using “{}” in your GUIDs – If the GUID is referring a Column Definition it is mandatory; any other cases it is either optional or not used.
  • When you are defining a Content Type, you can add the property “DisplayName” to the FIELDREF tag in order to change the display name without changing the Column Definition.
  • You can use the same layout to several content types: on the layout installation, create several instances of the layout with several names
  • Iin order to work properly, the dlls used by layouts and master pages must be located in the GAC (Global Assembly Cache, p.e. c:\windows\assembly)
  • Whenever possible, use site templates (css + images) to customize a site. When that is not possible (most publishing sites), use master pages and page layouts.
  • you should locate branding files either at:
     – Style Library
      There isn’t a perfect solution. Consider backups, isolation, performance, cache, etc.

Great session and great book




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10 10 2008


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