WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007 SDK 1.4 Download and Online MSDN Library

26 09 2008

since 30/Aug, tehre is a new version of the SDK for WSS & MOSS.

Here is the information about it:

.. from the original post (

> Download the MOSS SDK 1.4 <

> Download the WSS SDK 1.4 <

The August 2008 update is version 1.4 and reflects feature enhancements that were part of the recent Infrastructure Update. For more information on SharePoint Products and Technologies updates, you can start here on TechNet.

Which SDK do I need to download?

If you are only writing code that utilizes the Windows SharePoint Services platform, you can download the WSS SDK. However, if you want the superset of all documentation and samples, you should install the MOSS SDK, and then you’ll get all the platform and technology information as well. You don’t need to download both, but you will need to uninstall all previous versions.

Note The SDK 1.4 downloads are full releases that include all previous tools and documentation.

What’s New in this release?

The SDK updates in 1.4 include:

While you’re updating your SharePoint development tools…

You can also update the Visual Studio Extensions for SharePoint Services. Here is the link to the installer: VSeWSS 1.2. The extensions were updated on 7/1/2008 and now work with Visual Studio 2008!

Don’t forget to download the user’s guide: version 1.1




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