Sharepoint Sitemap Generator

3 03 2008

This is something I find useful! A SiteMap generator feature with source code.

Great work!




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15 04 2008

this code is good, but the problem is that the folder in a document library are not
listed in tree view.

do reply if u know how to display the children(folder) in tree view.

22 05 2008
Tim Dobrinski

The code is meant to only search Publishing Pages and output an XML file. Non-publishing pages will not be output to the XML file. I am not sure where you are looking for a tree view as this isn’t a visual Site Map, but one designed for search engines.

But if you want files in a document library searched, you can always look through the lists, pick the document libraries, and iterate through them. I have put the code online so it can be tailored for individual needs.



7 05 2009

How do you install this sitemap application?

7 05 2009

Its a feature, so you should add it to a solution package (WSP) and deploy it, either using the interface or stsadm command.

15 06 2010

Can you please provide step instructions as I am very new to this field?

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