Get it all togeter: The BIG SharePoint Resource List

2 08 2007

Being such a vast but crowded Universe, Moss/WSS information is starting to be a tough forest to get through. In order to give you some help in this navigation, the guys from compiled a very nice list of availabe resources on the web. You can find it here .

The available categories are:

  •  Article
  • Best Practices 
  •  Blog 
  •  Demo 
  •  Diagram 
  •  Discussion Forum 
  •  E-Learning 
  •  Evaluation Guide 
  •  FAQ 
  •  Hotfix/Patch 
  •  How To 
  •  Podcast 
  •  Presentation 
  •  Product Documentation 
  •  Reference Chart 
  •  Resource List 
  •  Screencast 
  •  Search Demo 
  •  Software Development Kit 
  •  Tools and Add-ons 
  •  Training Course 
  •  Tutorial 
  •  Virtual Lab 
  •  Webcast 
  •  Website 
  •  Whitepaper Category Focus



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