No news this week… no time to do it!

22 06 2007

Thsi was a highly demanding week. At least the deployment is done and by now, only tunning and small adjustments are being made. This wek the extra effort went to a “after-hours” WCF course.

Untill now, I had only read a couple of articles on WCF, mostly on what you can do and bla bla bla. Now, I’ve been looking to the “user guide” and mainly to the best practices.

Let me tell you: it is VERY powerfull and therefore, its much more vast than I expected. For you to fully dig deep into WCF, start removing the dust from distributed computing, concurrency, transactions, security and try to grab some info on SOA.

My fealing: this will be the services platform for the years to come (untill the y come up with a new one 😉 ).

I’ll try to grab some pointers to a first look into WCF and will post an update.




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