Why the @£$% can’t a deployment go smoothly, just for once…?

11 06 2007

Sorry about this, but I had to spill out my anger…

For the Nth time I was part of a deployment team. This time of a Moss solution; and for the same number o times, if was a living hell…

Does this happens only to me and the ones I work with? Is this some kind of bad carma that goes hoovering the poor IT guys & girls? I don’t think so. We must be doing something wrong.

There must be strict methodology to guide us in this process. The perfect solution is having development environment === qualification environment === production environment. This is not always possible, but provides the higher chances of success.

Virtualization is a big +. You can create production environment replica to both qualification and development. This is highly manageable and very dynamic, allowing easy entry of new members on the team with so little as “newsid” command. Or if you have syspreped the images, a small configuration step will solve this step. On the other hand, this usualy implies a lot of machines to maintain and therefore, a lot of time spent on managing the infrastructure. I actually worked in a development project which had about 30 machines (both physical and virtual) that implemented the infrastructure for the client network and the 7 development team elements. By the end of the project, 6 more were added when demo environments were built.

Well this is great, but it takes you a lot of time. Managing updates, syncronizing versions, solving connectivity problems.

So, its a trade. You must evaluate teh complexity of the environment, the length of the project, the complexity of the solution, etc, etc, etc.

If you read this, drop a line. Share your thoughts on this topic. Throw some like at these shades…

I’m blue 😦




2 responses

12 06 2007
Ricardo Magalhães

Deployment in MOSS??? well, so far only problems . . .
Ok, let’s be accurate! if your environment is simple without development it should be smooth, but when you have things like variations or specific development things tend to be tricky.

16 06 2007

sorry fo rthe late reply, but this has been a hell of a week…
Well let me tell you that this deployment was quite strait forward: 2 farms, one for edit, one for publish, no variations, no strange stuff and it was quite hard to deploy. I can’t go into details due to a NDA, but when things start going the wron way… man they just keep going that way! And Murphy was with us all the way :(.
Thanks for your thoughts!

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