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25 05 2007

I couldn’t resist to post a message to wellcome a great project to life: ROLI  a huge radio broadcasting community with streamming.

This is the first of its kind portal for radio stations (all radios from a country anyway), running CMS & Microsoft platform solutions. I won’t get much into detail, before confirming with the owner/team how much I can reveal. Bear with me…

The project was headed by APR (Associação Portuguesa de Radiodifusão). This is a EU funded project that offers EVERY radio station of Portugal (300+) the chance of broadcasting through the net. That’s right. Every single one of them. This is of a huge importance for a small country like Portugal, that has a couple of million emigrants spread all around the world.

The project started some years back and I was part of it as techical manager and architect a couple of years ago. The project is now supported by Link Consulting.  

 Anyway, the portal is in Portuguese only and has launched last weekend. I couldn’t resist sharing this information and congratulating the past and present team for the achievement (some of them you probably know like Ricardo Magalhães).





One response

25 05 2007
Ricardo Magalhães

It is a great project and now we can share with others.
I was fortunate to be a part of the team that developed this project, good work everybody including you Rui, off course!

i think you didn’t posted the link to the website: Portal Rádio

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