Moss Language Change: what a pain!

16 05 2007

Following Ricardo Magalhães post about Migration in Moss: the language issues, I’m adding some sweat to this topic. Here are some considerations on the subject:

  1. Forget export/import. If you do a top level export (site) it will also export the language it was installed in -> Dead end. If you do a lower level export (i.e. a list, it will brake the links to the site content types and when you import, it will create the content types at the list level, not the site.
  2. Backup/restore obviously won’t work either
  3. Forget about it. no automation process exist yet… 😦

As I am involved in some of these processes; this is an ongoing task and therefore I will post my current experiences:

  • Current approach implies the manual creation of the top level destination web applications, site collections, sub sites, extensions and variations
  • You should create all your work as features, from the column definitions, content types, webparts, components, workflows, etc, etc. Do it from the beginning of the project! Less pain that way…
  • You should crate a deployment solution that will take care of the deployment of all your stuff
  • Automate the process as much as possible by creating scripts that uninstall previous versions and installs the new ones. You will be doing a lot of stsadm commands and if you don’t have some batch file you will go bazurk and your command line will go up in flames.

Here are some helpful links for the deployment:

Visual studio extensions for WSS: it allows you to create a blank deployment solution. You can adjust it to your needs at will… Get it from here. Here you have a walk-through on the tool.

A deployment solution template: this is another approach. A template to be installed under “My templates” in Visual Studio. It generates a base solution, ready to be adapted to your needs. Get it from here.

Sharepoint solution installer: this is a new tool. I didn’t actually test it, but it may come handy. After you create your wsp file, it installs and registers all the features and components. It also makes the reverse process. You can get it from here.

Next week me and Ricardo will be hitting the wall with a BIG moss implementation migrating from en-us to pt-pt, so you can expect some news in both blogs 😀




2 responses

16 05 2007
Ricardo Magalhães

We need to go on spiritual retreat for this one 🙂

Good to have you on-line blogging in English also. The link to your blog is already on the TechTalkPT.

17 05 2007

Hey Ricardo.
Indeed we will need some sort of treatment after this one 😀

Thanks for the warm wellcome and for the reference!


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